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We Are Mashing Things Within

Don't stress out!

NOLA's Newest Place to Take a Break

Perfect For Parties & Large Groups

Birthday? Breakup party? Corporate team building? Bring a touch of NOLA flair to your celebrations at Mash It Out. Smash your way to epic fun or paint your way to a masterpiece with a festive, New Orleans twist. We’re the masters of making parties and corporate events a total smash hit. Let’s plan your unforgettable gathering today!

Choose Your Way to Mash

Ready for a SMASH?
Let's MASH!​

Solo Smash - $35.99

Unleash your inner fury with our Solo Smash session. Perfect for individuals seeking a stress-relieving experience, you get a private room filled with smashable items. Whether it's old electronics, glassware, or furniture, take out your frustrations in a safe and controlled environment. Protective gear provided.

Group Mash - $34.99 per person

Gather your friends or colleagues for an exhilarating Group Mash session. Perfect for team-building, birthday parties, or just a fun outing. Experience the thrill of smashing together, with enough space and items for everyone to enjoy. A great way to bond and release collective stress.

Paint and Mash - $49.99 per person

Participants begin by creating their own unique artworks using various painting techniques. This can include using brushes, sponges, or even their hands to apply paint to a canvas or other surfaces. The focus is on creativity and self-expression, with vibrant colors and imaginative designs encouraged.

Break Up Blow Out - $40 per person

Going through a tough breakup? Channel your emotions into a cathartic and empowering experience with our Break Up Blow Out session. Smash items that remind you of your ex, from picture frames to mementos. This therapeutic session helps you move on and feel liberated. Smash away the remnants of your romantic past and clear the path for new beginnings. A room filled with a variety of breakables including glass items, wooden objects, and recyclable electronic items. Items are contingent on inventory supply.

Birthday Smash - Packages starting at $250

Celebrate your special day with a unique twist at our Birthday Bash for 6-15 smashers. This package includes an extended session with a wide variety of smashable items and a private room for your group. We provide tablecloths and a celebratory atmosphere, making it a memorable experience for you and your guests

Custom Experiences Upon Request

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